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To Love, Honor, and Betray


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The Windmill
A Novel

Olivia and Carl appear to have the perfect life: a son and a daughter, weekends on Cape Cod, and satisfying work as professors at Belvedere College in the picturesque town of Willow, Massachusetts. Until, one day, the seemingly stable, dependable Carl disappears without a trace -- leaving behind only a cryptic note.

A Novel

Readers and critics alike fell in love with Jimmy's Girl and The Puzzle Bark Tree, praised as "engaging [and] insightful" (Midwest Book Review). Now, fearlessly plumbing the hidden depths of the heart, Stephanie Gertler has crafted a wise and moving novel that tests the bonds of mothers and daughters and their ability to transcend any obstacle.

The Puzzle Bark Tree
A Novel

Grace Hammond Barnett's happy childhood memories are of times spent with Melanie, her younger sister, and Jemma, the family housekeeper who helped fill the void left by Grace's detached parents. Now a mother herself, Grace feels trapped in her marriage and haunted by dreams of drowning. Her only anchor is her cherished daughter, Kate.

Jimmy's Girl
A Novel

"Ever wonder about lost first loves? Emily, an artist and stay-at-home mom with nearly grown children, does, for she is stuck in a troubled marriage. Memories of a sweet, rebellious boy named Jimmy, who kissed her under her pool table when she was 16, haunt her. Without knowing why or what she hopes to gain, she tracks him down.

To Love, Honor, and Betray To Love, Honor, and Betray
The Secret Lives of Suburban Wives

A provocative look at the lives of 26 married suburban women, offering a fascinating and nuanced portrait of marriage and infidelity.

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