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To Love, Honor, and Betray


Drifting, by Stephanie Gertler
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A Novel

by Stephanie Gertler

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Readers and critics alike fell in love with Jimmy's Girl and The Puzzle Bark Tree, praised as "engaging [and] insightful" (Midwest Book Review). Now, fearlessly plumbing the hidden depths of the heart, Stephanie Gertler has crafted a wise and moving novel that tests the bonds of mothers and daughters and their ability to transcend any obstacle.

Claire and her husband, Eli, live in a Victorian inn perched at the ocean's edge in the coastal town of Drifting, Connecticut. Although her own children are grown, Claire is still haunted by the absence of her mother, who abandoned her when she was a baby. When Nicholas Pierce and his blind seven-year-old daughter, Kayla, come to stay at the inn, the young child's affinity for Claire begins to resonate within her. And suddenly, Claire is drawn into a struggle to save Kayla -- and find herself -- when dark truths begin to emerge about Nicholas . . .

"Gertler enriches a conventional plot with beautifully realized details . . . its rich emotional tone and the durable themes are definitely rewarding. An excellent choice for fans of Charlotte Vale Allen and Luanne Rice."

"Displays the author's talent for creating sympathetic, well-realized characters and will please Elizabeth Berg fans."
--Library Journal

"Stephanie Gertler paints her story in watercolors, the details sure and delicate."
--Hilary Williamson,

"Excellent storytelling  . . . Drifting is a powerful look at relationships and how one sees the world through incidents that shaped their lives . . . Stephanie Gertler provides a potent character study."

"Beautifully written . . . an engaging journey."
--The Best Reviews

"Stephanie Gertler writes with the soul of a poet, each word expressive of passion and place. As the complexity of family relationships unfolds, Drifting reveals a heart-stopping tale of loss, redemption, and healing . . . A novel rich in nuance and beauty, Drifting earns the WordWeaving Award for Excellence."

"There's a powerful emotional core to Stephanie Gertler's writing, a tensile quality to it, even, that reaches out and all but physically puts readers into a richly nuanced story line. Although more mainstream in focus than her previous two novels, Drifting is an equally provocative, emotionally compelling read, touching upon the indelible bonds of mothers and daughters, the touchstones in Claire's life, and her aching need to fill the empty holes her mother's absence has drilled into the bedrock of her psyche . . . At journey's end, Stephanie Gertler will be an author you'll want to revisit for her emotional perceptivity and unique ability to lay her characters' inner turmoil bare with compassion and artful sensitivity, while greater mysteries unfold within the plot."

"A heart-wrenching and moving tale that will have readers in need of a box of tissues . . . poignant . . . Stephanie Gertler is a powerful writer, one who is unforgettable!"
--The Road to Romance

"An unexpected read with drama veering in surprising directions."

"Stephanie Gertler is one of the best women's fiction authors out there. Packed with genuine emotion, complex characters, and gripping plot lines, Ms. Gertler draws you into her story with a grasp that just doesn't let go. Drifting takes two story lines and seamlessly merges them into a stunning book."
--The Romance Readers Connection

 paperback | US$6.99 | ISBN: 0451212630

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